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Technology & Uses of PHP5's new functionality

Object Model

phpClick makes extensive use of classes, objects, inheritance, and interfaces.

Most of the functionality is encapsulated in individual classes. For example, a phpClick application is represented by the Application class (click on name to see documentation); a page within an application is represented by the Page class, and components are represented by classes deriving from the base class Component and require the implementation of the interface ComponentInterface (which defines the minimum set of function that a new component will need to implement).


phpClick stores the behavioral description of each application in an XML file in the folder "apps/". The DOM functions are used to read these files, and manipulate their contents. Occasionally, XPath is used to quickly find a particular XML node or list of nodes within the XML file.


Although phpClick mainly uses the DOM functions for handling of XML files it also uses PHP5's SimpleXML for small jobs. For example, take a look at which renders a list of available components.

MySQLi extension

phpClick uses PHP5's mysqli extension currently mainly for its increased performance but will probably soon make use of the newly available functionality.
Last modified: September 16, 2004
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