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phpClick is developed as part of a collaborative Virginia Tech and PennState research effort ("End User Development of Web Applications") with the goal of simplifying web application development and part of a grant by the National Science Foundation (ITR EIA-0353309).


Many thanks go to Dr. Andrea Contreras, Dr. Mary Beth Rosson, Dr. Manuel Pérez-Quiñones, Julie Ballin, Betsy Blythe, B. Collier Jones, Jan Gibb, and Kaye Kriz for their support, constructive feedback, and patience for forgotten meetings and late nights.

Core Developers

Jochen Rode - jrode at
Yogita Bhardwaj - yogitab at
Jonathan Howarth - myfeetrbig at

WYSIWYG, Drag & Drop, colors, and more...

The WYSIWYG editor of phpClick would not have been possible without the help of Walter Zorn's suprisingly easy-to-use and powerful Javascript drag&drop library.

phpClick uses the WYSIWYG HTML editor component FCKeditor by Frederico Caldeira Knabben for all its free-form HTML input.

phpClick uses an adapted version of Thomas Andersen's color picker.

phpClick uses an adapted version of Aidan Lister's recursive copy function.

Icons & Images

We make heavy use of David Vignoni's excellent Nuvola icon theme but have also combined some of his work to produce custom icons.
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